RVARO Wood Varnish

RVARO Wood Varnish


Polyurethane 2:1 is a premium Varnish finish for all wooden surfaces. It’s a two-pack system composed from Polyurethane/ Isocyanate hardener. It provides your wooden surface with high abrasion resistance, excellent gloss retention and high mechanical and chemical resistance, offering you the finest finish and the best performance.

Instructions for preparation:

  • The wooden surface has to be well prepared before application.
  • Mix the hardener with the varnish and allow 15 minutes for full chemical response.
  • Reduce the mixture with 5 to 10% of
  • The product is not to be applied in temperature bellow 5 oC or in humidity higher than 80%.

Application Method:

  • By airless Spray, air-spray or brush.